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September 2016
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We're on the MOVE..
A New Home & Office in Warwick
I'll grant you that it's not a great distance apart - Leamington and Warwick - but we've decided to uproot and re-locate to the county town of Warwick because sadly the owner of our building decided that he'd like to demolish it! I'll still be offering all the usual artistic, web and graphic design services and, of course, I'll still be catering to the needs of clients who happen to live in Leamington!
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Camouflage in Leamington
Free Camouflarge Patterns
In late Summer/Autumn Leamington Spa Art Gallery is hosting a camouflage exhibition from 22nd July – 16th October. In 1939, the Government set up a Directorate of Camouflage as part of the Ministry of Home Security. Its main bases were in Leamington. The Directorate brought 250 artists, designers and technicians to the town who worked in secret on aspects of military and civilian camouflage. To join in with the celebrations, I've put 42 different camoflauge patterns online for you to download.
Free Camouflage Patterns
Current Projects
Here are details of some of my own projects which I'm engaged with at the moment. Firstly, a new iopan subdomain entitled: where I can showcase my art work and poetry; Secondly, the "Community Faces" illustration project is going well. The faces are intended to represent a broad spectrum of people in our global community. Finally, I've just got round to setting up a Twitter account for iopan design.
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Global Community
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Internet Service Provision after Brexit

“After Brexit, it is highly likely that UK privacy and data protection rules will need to match EU standards to ensure data can freely flow between the UK and EU, and getting an agreement in place may be made more difficult with the Investigatory Powers Bill in place (the EU-US agreement was made difficult due to surveillance concerns and a court case on whether the current UK rules breach EU citizens’ rights) is on-going.”

“It is too early to say how Brexit will affect overall business conditions, but rolling out infrastructure is expensive and seeking finance from abroad may be harder. Brexit could mean European Investment Bank opportunities dry up, the weaker pound makes it harder for UK firms to invest abroad and it is for industry to do all it can to show the UK remains open for business. However, there are opportunities too as public funding for broadband will no longer be delayed by State Aid rules.”

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Should I Start a Blog?

You may have been wondering if you should start a blog to share your ideas, hobbies, knowledge or an interest in a particular area of industry/research. To you I would answer with a resounding "Yes!" - Why? Because if you can discipline yourself to writing regular interesting blog entries then a whole world of opportunities will open up for you.

Firstly, you will start taking a greater interest in your chosen field and begin to learn more on your subject. You'll also find that the practice of writing not only gives you pleasure but can become financially rewarding as you may now be invited to: write other articles, reviews and books; with a blog comes a certain legitimacy and you may now be able to charge for consultancy or be invited to talk on your subject. Your thinking will become clearer and you will build your confidence and challenge yourself.

If you need further convincing then take a look at this article: “Why Blog? Should I Start a Blog? 34 Reasons You Should

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I have known Richard for over 10 years and he brings dedication and creativity to every role in which he is engaged...
I would have no hesitation in recommending Richard for your web based or media project.
Paul Tolley, CEO
Warwickshire CAVA
A thoroughly talented and knowledgeable web/graphic designer. He is personable and understanding of all our needs and has gone way above and beyond to help us get the recognition we needed.
Mark Needle, MD
Disability information Zone
Wedding Invitations & Stationery
Are you looking for the perfect Wedding Invitations & Stationery? I'll work with you to help you develop your ideas and produce a high quality, totally unique final product that you can be truly proud of.
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CV: Paper or Digital?
Should your CV be a traditional paper-based one, or should you send a link to an online CV? And what is more: Should you also provide a PDF file of your CV? Problem solved! I can produce all three!
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Looking for global reach? Discover now a truely international audience for your website.
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  Digital Payments
I now take digital payments for services via Wave accounting; options include credit and debit cards.
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5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Developer
Responsive Design
When a website is responsive, the layout and/or content responds or adapts based on the size of screen they are presented on. A responsive website automatically changes to fit the device you’re reading it on. Typically there have been four general screen sizes that responsive design has been aimed at: the widescreen desktop monitor, the smaller desktop (or laptop), the tablet and the mobile phone. The growing trend is for viewing the internet more and more on mobile phones and tablets, this is why RWD (Responsive Web Design) is so important today.
Responsive web design (RWD) is an approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones). Responsive web sites are device agnostic and built using fluid grids, re-sizable images and media queries…
I have been building websites responsively for some years now, iopan design, since it's inception, has always been following best practices of responsive design.
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Do you have any questions?
Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions regarding web or graphic design.
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iopan is the name of my design company incorporating iopan books (for digital publications) and creative web & graphic design.
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